Explanations of the most important AMAZONAS symbols

On AMAZONAS product packaging, flyers, catalogues, etc. there are many small symbols that convey information on the size, load-bearing capacity, etc. of our products.

To make reading these symbols easier, we have provided brief explanations of the most important symbols below.


liegeflaeche-tuch-hm    Lying surface/material size of a hammock without spreader bar
liegeflaeche-stab-hm    Lying area/material size of a spreader bar hammock
gesamtlaenge-stab-hm    Total length x bar length of a spreader bar hammock
   (total length: distance between the outer points of the suspension rope)
 haengesessel-stoffgroesse    Material size of hanging chairs
   (does not denote the sitting area)
 haengesessel-stablaenge    Spreader bar length of hanging chairs
 gestelle-aussenmasse    External dimensions of frames*
   (variable measurements for adjustable frames are possible;
   variable symbols for different frame shapes are possible)
 masse-tuecher-decken    Measurements of carry slings, blankets, etc.
 masse-display    Measurements of displays, etc.*
 gesamtlaenge    Total length of chains, belts, etc.
 masse-verpackungen    Packaging measurements*
   (depending on the number of packs, either 1 or 2 packs are shown)
   *Measurement sequence: width x height x depth
 alter    Recommended age of the child for optimal use of a product
 belastbarkeit    Maximum load-bearing capacity
 zuglast    Maximum tensile load
 gewicht    Own weight incl. packaging
 aufhaengeempfehlung    Optimal suspension of hammocks
      • Suspension height (floor→ upper end of the suspension rope)
      • Suspension width (distance between the two outer ends of the suspension ropes)  
      • Floor distance (floor → lowest point of the hammock when under load)
 haengesessel-aufhaengehoehe    Optimal suspension height of hanging chairs
   (floor → lowest point of the hanging chair when under load)