The right way to lay your baby down

Babies have rounded backs when they are born. For nine months, their C-shaped spine has been perfectly tailored to the space available in the womb.
Now the spine has to gradually straighten out. This is a gentle process that takes a whole year and is only completed when babies can stand up on their own and take their first tentative steps.

Rounded back
This medical fact help you to develop an understanding of how to care for your newborn baby.
When your baby is lying down, you should also give him the opportunity to round his back, instead of stretching his spine for hours in his cot.

AMAZONAS Baby World has a range of products so that your baby can lie properly – from baby hammocks to cradles and stands:


They protect and support your baby's back, while the soft boundaries give him a sense of security.


Gentle swinging in a hammock or cradle has proven to facilitate newborn babies' sense of balance and coordination skills, and has an overall positive effect on wellbeing.


AMAZONAS baby hammocks and cradles help your baby to relax. Less pressure is put on the abdominal wall, babies' cannot hyperextend and they become less prone to wind. All these factors help make your baby a happy little person.