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Siena Uno taupe
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Siena Uno taupe

This softly upholstered sofa will look wonderful in any house or garden.

It is made from weather-resistant treated spruce. The high-class laminated gluing makes it particularly stable and secure. All the metal fittings are galvanised for optimum corrosion resistance.
The extra-thick, water-repellent and rapidly drying upholstery is your guarantee of perfect relaxation. The fabric covers in the colours natura and terracotta are made of pure cotton. The covers in the colours verde, taupe and anthracite are made from Agora material. These are just as soft as cotton, and they are also extremely durable, highly light-resistant and weatherproof. Moreover they are water-repellent, proof against mildew, insensitive to dirt and easy to clean.

All the raw materials used come from Europe, and have been processed in Europe in environmentally friendly ways.

Look for FSCTM-certified products.

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Siena Uno taupe

Technische Daten Technical data
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Dimensions: approx. 118,5 x 93,5 x 58 cm
Load capacity: max. 150 kg
Weight: approx. 22,0 kg
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