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Omega RockStone
Kategorie Titel Hanging chair frame

Omega RockStone

The Omega RockStone stand is the perfect location for suspending AMAZONAS hanging chairs. Whether in the drawing room, on the balcony or in the garden – the Omega stand makes it possible for you to install your hanging chair safely and flexibly in any place you choose, without any dependence on trees, ceilings or walls.

- Made from top-quality powder-coated steel
- Quick and easy to assemble
- Incorporates three different suspension heights
- Suitable for many AMAZONAS hanging chairs

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Omega RockStone

Technische Daten Technical data
Artikel Nr Item no.:
Dimensions: approx. 135 x 182 x 111 cm
Load capacity: max. 150 kg
Weight: approx. 22,0 kg
Download instruction: PDF