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Carrello Baby

The modern alternative to a bassinet

The baby hammock Kangoo looks best if mounted in Carrello Baby, the gorgeously shaped baby hammock stand made of untreated spruce wood. But Carrello Baby is also the perfect stand for the baby hammock Kaya natura. (Hammock not included)

Its exclusive design makes Carrello Baby a real gem in your home or garden; it is easy to carry so that you can be close to your baby at all times.

If coated with non-toxic varnish, Carrello Baby will withstand any weather condition. Carrello Baby is absolutely stable and tilt-proof.

Look for FSCTM-certified products.

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Carrello Baby
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Carrello Baby

Technische Daten Technical data
Artikel Nr Item no.:
Dimensions: approx. 85 x 125 x 101 cm
Load capacity: max. 35 kg
Weight: approx. 10,0 kg
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