We and you as customer create a future for Brazilian street children

In Brazil approximately 25,000 children live completely neglected on the street. Every day they fight for survival.

The association "Der Kleine Nazareno e.V." was established in 1994 to enable the children a humane existence. Two Nazareno villages, which today offer a new home for more than 110 children, have been created in the last ten years.

Der kleine Nazareno e.V.

The Nazareno villages lying outside the centres of Fortaleza and Recife offer the children an accommodation in which they will be looked after around the clock. There they attend from the very first day one of the special state-recognised schools with the option to attend a secondary school. Starting at age 15, the instruction will be supplemented with practical vocational training.

After that the children will be supported in the search for work, and accompanied step by step until they finally stand on their own feet.

"We from AMAZONAS have personally looked at this aid project on site, which has moved us and convinced us that we support it with an annual, generous donation. So we, and you as customer, can not only bring work and progress through the hammock production, but additionally create a future for Brazilian street children."

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