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MADERA replaces the second suspension point
In the garden or when camping: You are always able to find ONE tree or ONE wall of a house, only a second appropriate hanging point is often lacking. To address this, we have for years been producing the amazing solution that is Madera: The weatherproofed ashwood stand is anchored in the ground with a ground peg – voilà, the second tree is ready and the hammock can be hung up.
Madera can be easily dismantled without screws, reducing packing volume when camping.

Easy system, perfect stability! Combinable with all AMAZONAS hammocks.

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Outdoor ultra-light hammocks suspension systems 'Madera'
Technische Daten Technical data
Item no.: AZ-4030100
Dimensions: approx. 165 cm
Load capacity: max. 100 kg
Weight: approx. 4,4 kg
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