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Brasil Gigante lava
Kategorie Titel Hanging Chair

Brasil Gigante lava

Probably the largest hanging chair in the world. With its huge dimensions, it's probably better described as a hammock with a back support built in.
The Brasil Gigante uses the same robust fabric as our XXXL Gigante hammock and each comes with a strong 1.40 m beech wood bar.

Look for FSCTM-certified products.

Brasil      fsc 80  recycling-84
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Brasil Gigante lava

Technische Daten Technical data
Artikel Nr Item no.:
Seat surface: approx. 200 x 140 cm
Length spreader bar: approx. 140 cm
Load capacity: max. 200 kg
Weight: approx. 3,6 kg
Recom. hanging height: at least 200 cm
Recom. distance from ground: 40 - 50 cm
Download instruction: PDF
Product video: Video