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Piktogramm Bild (X)XXL
The traditionally woven hammock from Brazil with decorative border

The Rio hammock is made in Brazil, using traditional craft skills. The unique Jacquard weaving technique used calls for a special kind of loom. This makes the woven material exceptionally soft and comfortable. And Rio is an eyecatcher in visual terms as well, with an outstandingly beautiful decorative border known as a ‘veranda’. This is an indispensable feature of luxury hammocks in Brazil.

To extend the service life of the product, extra-thick cords have been manually bound together with a woven strip, so that high point loads can be balanced out.

The Rio natura is finished by hand on both ends with macramé.
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Technische Daten Technical data
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Total length: approx. 360 cm
Lying surface: approx. 250 x 160 cm
Load capacity: max. 200 kg
Weight: approx. 2,6 kg
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