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Kategorie Titel Hammock for babies


Luxurious hammock cradle
Kangoo is suspended at one single point above the hammock. The inside of Kangoo has enough room for our cuddly, soft mattress Sunny or Sunny cacao, which can be taken out to be washed (Sunny is not included in the scope of delivery!)

Kangoo can be buttoned up at both ends so that the baby feels absolutely safe and snuggly; this makes Kangoo very similar to the womb and thus the ideal place for the baby to sleep in, as it is wrapped cuddly and softly but still noticeably and sway gently to and fro.

With sewn in safety belt
100 % cotton (machine washable)

Please note: Kangoo is not a total substitute for a cot, crib or bed.

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Technische Daten Technical data
Artikel Nr Item no.:
Lying surface: approx. 70 x 40 cm
Total length: approx. 90 cm
Length spreader bar: approx. 48 cm
Age: 0 - 9 months
Load capacity: max. 15 kg
Weight: approx. 1,3 kg
Fabric: approx. 240 g/m²
Wrap-and-tie instructions: PDF
Product video: Video