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In 1992 I, Matthias Saul (founder of the AMAZONAS company), spent three months travelling the region of the Huaorani Indians, between Ecuador and Peru, in a dugout. Naturally, I slept in a hammock – a 3 kg monster with thick wood. I'd sewn the matching mosquito net together myself, which left the way open for countless mosquitoes and the even worse black flies. And the rain cover? A sheet of plastic, secured with ties...

That was when the idea of the AMAZONAS hammocks was born – I knew there had to be something better. And so I got to work ...

Today, more than 20 years and countless test trips later, I am proud to present the perfect Ultra-Light hammocks.
Made of ultra-light parachute silk, and ultra-large for the lying comfort you need if you really want to be able to sleep in them. Sturdy and tear-proof for any use. And yet as light and packing as small as possible. In several different versions, with or without a mosquito net, and for the specialists amongst you even with patented full anti-mosquito impregnation.

With ultra-light adjustable ropes for easy attachment.

And as the crowning finish for all lovers of the outdoors who are serious about their sport: a light-as-a-feather rain cover that is the perfect fit.

I hope all you adventurers out there have just as much fun as I did and do!

Yours, Matthias Saul

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