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Carry Sling saffron

Carry Slings promote the child’s development and thus ensure an increase of emotional, cognitive and motor skills.

A special weave type called cross t will guarantees that all AMAZONAS Carry Slings have an optimum longitudinal strength and stability while providing the required diagonal flexibility and stretchability. This means Carry Sling only stretches diagonally, not longitudinally. This way, it can adapt to the baby's body gently but securely and firmly.

All AMAZONAS Carry Slings with center marking are made of 100% contaminant-free cotton with a thin fabric and a smooth surface, which makes them light and permeable to air and thus more comfortable in summer; furthermore, the smooth surface makes it easier to tie the sling, as there is less friction between the ends being tied.
Both ends of the Carry Sling are tapered and narrower at the bottom than at the top so that less material hangs over the hips, which not only looks better but makes the carry sling even lighter.

Detailed instructions with pictures are enclosed, so it’s easy to learn how to tie your carry sling.

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Carry Sling saffron
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Carry Sling saffron

Technische Daten Technical data
Produktname 450 Carry Sling saffron 450 cm
Item no.: No more available
Size: approx. 450 x 70 cm
Self-weight: approx. 0,65 kg
Weight: approx. 1,0 kg
Leerzeile 1  
Produktname 510 Carry Sling saffron 510 cm
Item no.: AZ-5060461
Size: approx. 510 x 70 cm
Self-weight: approx. 0,75 kg
Weight: approx. 1,2 kg
Leerzeile 2  
Age: 0 - 3 years
Load capacity: max. 15 kg
Fabric: approx. 180 g/m²
Wrap-and-tie instructions: PDF
Product video: Video