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Adventure Tarp

Adventure Tarp
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Ultra-Light revolution: one of the world’s lightest hammock tarps (weighs ca. 380 grams)!

Adventure Tarp is perfectly matched to the dimensions of the ulltra-light hammocks, and has been absolutely optimised in terms of the weight. Takes very little space when packed.!

amazonas jungle tent pro dimensions

Suitable for many AMAZONAS Ultra-Light hammocks. Comes with adjustable snap hooks and aluminium Y-pegs (+ ca. 60 grams). Supplied separately from the hammock.

In combination with our Adventure Moskito Hammock Thermo and Adventure Ropes, this gives rise to one of the lightest hanging tents in the world (ca. 940 grams)!

100 % top-quality twofold silicon coating on 20D Nylon Ripstop

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Outdoor ultra-light hammock 'Adventure Hammock'
Technische Daten Technical data
Item no.: AZ-3080015
Self-weight: approx. 380 g
Water column: approx. 2.000 mm
Bag measurements: approx. 27,5 x 8,5 cm
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