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Second Pillow for Fat Hammock

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The second pillow for Fat Hammock

This pillow makes it possible to extend the reclining area of the Fat Hammock once more. Just tie it to the hammock spreader bar, and there you are!
The extra-thick, water-repellent and rapidly drying upholstery is your guarantee of perfect relaxation. The highly durable Agora cover (washable) is as soft as cotton, but it is exceptionally light-resistant and weatherproof. It is also water-repellent, proof against mildew, insensitive to dirt and easy clean.

Can be used on both sides – just turn it over, and there you are!
Second Pillow for Fat Hammock
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Second Pillow for Fat Hammock

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Dimensions: approx. 124 x 50 cm
Weight: approx. 1,2 kg