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    Gigante lava
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    Globo & Siena & Fat Hammock
  • AMAZONAS Startseite 07
    Artista sand
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    Arte blue
  • AMAZONAS Startseite 06
    Taurus Set terracotta
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    Tropic Dream
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    Omega Set grenadine
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    Arte sand

Hammocks make you happy

AMAZONAS hammocks

The number of fans of the genuine Brazilian hammocks is growing steadily all over the world. We import the "swing of the gods" directly from our own manufacture in Brazil and distribute them to our distribution partners in Europe as well as all over the world.

Have a look at our large variety of high-quality products! Besides traditional hammocks and hanging chairs including accessories, you will also find interesting innovations in the baby and outdoor sector.

We would be pleased if you got in touch with us and will gladly answer any further questions.

Of course, we will tell all private buyers where to find a distributor for our products in their area.

Because: Hammocks make you happy!